Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Inaugural Blog Post (if I had a bottle of champagne, I’d smash it on my laptop like a newly named ship before its first voyage…that’s a thing, right?)

I’ve talked to people who blog to try to get some insight into this blogging thing. I have consumed the blogs of many beloved authors (by which I mostly mean Neil Gaiman and Patrick Rothfuss). I have now sought out the very first entry on Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half in an attempt to figure out how to do this blogging thing (it appears to be an open letter to a neighbor, done in a classically beautiful Allie Brosh way – something I cannot, of course, hope to achieve).

What is the conclusion I have come to here?

That I have not a single goddamn clue about what to write for my inaugural blog post. Mostly because I kind of actually want this to become a real legit thing where I talk about, you know, serious issues facing society today (or at least my take on them) and writing processes and the importance of telling stories (or at least my take on those things) and, quite shortly, the adventures I’ll have while studying abroad (I sure hope I have adventures).

So…should I write a mission statement for my first post? Sure, I guess so. Why not? I really have nothing else to say at this point, now do I?

So, Musings and Ramblings (because I muse a lot, and sometimes when I do that it is followed by a fair bit of rambling directed at people who are kind enough or trapped enough to endure listening to me) Mission Statement:

The first mission of this blog is to serve as an open (albeit somewhat one-way) line of communication to all of the people I love (or even only kind of like or have taken a passing interest in) while I am away, even when I am unable or too lazy to stay personally in contact with each and every one of them.

The second mission of this blog is to serve as an avenue for analytically exploring the creative process. What the fuck does that mean? That’s a journey we’ll have to take together, I suppose. I hope you’ll find it as amusing as I do.

The third mission of this blog is to maybe, just maybe, grow into something which might to useful to other people in the same boat as I am (that is, young writers in university or maybe even younger who want to get better and maybe, just maybe, turn themselves into authors someday). This is a far off and distant ambition, but there you go.

Well, there you are. I’m going to go catch up on The Walking Dead now.

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